How to Avoid Travel Scam

How to Avoid Travel Scam

Travelling should be fun and full of excitement, but sometimes there are travel scams that are creeping on us as tourists. Tourists have disadvantages because of the language barrier and lack of information about how things work. But that doesn’t have to stop you from exploring new places. As long as you come prepared, you should be able to minimize the risk of getting scammed. Today we have round up tips on how to avoid travel scam.

Do Your Research

mapMost of the travel scams are widely known by tourist, and many are shared through online platforms. Therefore other than researching online for hotel reviews, you can also do scam research. Type “travel scam in (place or tourist attraction you are going to visit)” in the search engine and take some time to read other travelers experience. Take note and share the information with your whole traveling group. Here are the best western Cincinnati hotel, in case you’re looking for one.

Know Your Destinations

You also need to do deeper research on how things work in the places and attractions you are going to visit. The best way to do it is to watch travel videos and read travel blogs written by real travelers. For example, check the opening time of the place, to avoid scammers telling you that the area hasn’t opened yet and you better take a sightseeing tour first while waiting for the place to open. Sometimes scammers will also tell you the place that you are going to visit is too far to reach on foot. Always check the distance between locations you are going to visit via online maps, so you can decide whether or not you need to pay for a ride.

Stay Alert

When you are visiting a place or tourist attraction for the first time, you need to increase your level of caution. One of the easiest ways to be selected as prey by the scammer is to look unaware or distracted. As much as possible, try to stay away from any dramatic distracting situations. For example, when there is a sudden fist fight break or suddenly you are surrounded by kids begging for money. Any sudden changes situations should trigger your alarm of alertness.

Be Wary of “Helpful” Strangers

Be careful of strangers trying to make a conversation with you by telling you “Hey, you’ve got something in your bag.” Most of the times they are just thieves trying to take away your bag. In any time, please be alert when any “helpful” people approach you first. By logic, no other tourist will approach another unknown tourist to “help” or offering something.…

A Guide into the Right Binocular Sizes

Planning a new pair of binoculars will not give you the best binocular size. Here is an article for you. In this guide you will be guided on everything from those who use different binoculars, how they differ, the difference in zoom sizes and the best sizes for tourism, hiking, and astronomy. With this guide, you will understand the difference in binocular sizes in greater detail.


The Basics

Binocular sizes come in the following sizes, seven by 35 or 10 by 42. This number is derived from the center focus wheel. For instance, it the number is 7, it means the object will be seven times closer to the observers naked eye. The second number in the set depends on the diameter of your objective lens, and its measurement is in millimeters.


Binocular Sizes Explained

Once you understand the right number set in your binoculars, it all comes down to how they are put together. The first number is its set means which makes the magnification larger and easier to spot remote objects. Your guide should be how far you are looking at your objects.


Let me Get Back to you Shortly

The second importance in the sears bar relies on the two points. The larger your objective lens, the lighter the binoculars capture. This then provides a clear viewing picture for everyone. Needless to mention, the large objective lens consumes a big space in the bag.


Binocular usageBinocular Sizes and Their Use

When answering the question, circumstances dictate what to do next. For instance, someone going on safari. The best experience would require carrying a pair of binoculars that help you view animals in their natural habitat.


Other Considerations

The argument does not stop at the size. If you are planning a light vacation or unable to travel you might as well consider a wide range of options. Going on this huge hiking journey can prevent you from missing the simple beauties around you.

When going on a camping or boating outdoor activity, get yourself a pair of rubber armoring. Binoculars that are the waterproof stand out as relevant in such situations. When going for events that demand the use of binoculars for longer periods such as safaris or bird watching, you must get binoculars with a great focus ability.

On the subject of bird watching, your focus will center on the right magnification. Birds are hard to identify when watched in clear detail.

The compact binoculars are not the issue in contention – a lot has to do with practicality. Any hunter on the move will prefer a compact discomfort and overweight.


How do the Binocular Sizes Work?

The binocular magnification range allows a given range. The size of the objective lens determines the clarity. The bigger the size, the better. This helps you avoid anything too bulky and heavy when considering certain activities.

The lens turns out to be twice the other quadruple. This comes into focus when looking at poor light conditions. To clearly understand how binoculars work, you must understand what terms such as a prism, field of view, coatings, eye pupil, exit pupil size, etc. mean.…

The World Most Popular Tourist Destinations

The World Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Tourism is said to be as old as man himself. Recently, United Nations World Tourism Organization ranks most visited destinations as follows in descending order: France, USA, Spain, China, Italy, UK, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, and Austria. The following are popular tourist attractions:


This is the most visited city around the globe holding 3rd place. It has remarkable museums like louvre. The art found here is makes it a paradise. Eiffel Tower on the other hand which is 1063ft high is the most visited. The first and the second floor is classy restaurants, and the top level is for sightseeing. Loire valley has castles which trace its history to the world wars.


Walt Disney World Resort

This is an entertainment place which covers approximately 25000acres. It has a yearly attendance of over 50million. It has parks, resorts, entertainment venues and golf courses.

El Escorial

It is the most visited monastery. It has a beautiful garden, hunting grounds, and dams. Apart from its cultural significance, Catholic monks live there to perform their religious functions

The Colosseum

It is situated in Rome, and it is known to be one of the largest amphitheaters that man has ever built. It was built for gladiatorial performances with an average capacity of up to 80,000 people. Nowadays, it has been renovated, and it is used as a shrine with quarters for the Christian clergy. However, it is still the icon for the ancient Rome.

Mt. Stromboli

It is situated within the Roman territory with an elevation of 3,031ft. Its volcanic nature popularly knows it with three craters at its peak. It is symbolized by a geological stream of a fire-like feature. Some few kilometers around it lies a volcanic plug.

The Bastei Bridge

It is situated over the Elbe River in Germany, and its rocky nature characterizes it. Tourists especially artists have been inspired by it. Studies have shown that baste rocks were formed through water erosion.

Zocalo in Mexico City

This is one of the biggest city squares in the world covering approximately 58000m2. It is known for being a political hub and an artistic venue. Numerous cultural events are being held which comprises of traditional dances.

Hong Kong

hong kongThis city is termed as the mother of all Chinese heritage. Bruce Lee exhibition is known for martial art heritage. It has a dome-shaped structure with a planetarium ceiling which is a cool place for watching documentaries.

It has the University Museum and Art Gallery which is popularly known for their traditional carvings and Chinese paintings. This city is termed as a food paradise. It offers a wide range of food like Lo Ma Ghai, braised pigeon, roast pork and Char Siu.

Elephants in Thailand

Thailand over the years has been known for elephants which give rides to tourists. Common species of elephant found is the Asian. Due to its extinction around the globe, visitors have observed this a worthy trip.


This is a historic complex situated in Austria, Vienna. Belvedere museum is located here. It has decorated fountains, well-designed sculptures, and iron gates. Visitors find pleasure taking photo sessions, and some movies have been acted in this place.

Egyptian Pyramids

Egypt is known for its pyramids. The largest are the ones situated in Giza. It is interesting to note that, it is the only remnant of the Seven Wonders of the World. Pyramids are a symbolic representation of Egyptian myth on death since they were built where the sun sets.…

Ways to Travel to the World for Free

Ways to Travel to the World for Free

It is estimated that almost 60% of the world’s population likes traveling. It can be local or abroad depending on ones’ ability. History acknowledges Jim Lawrence who moved around the world for eight years free.

This implies it is possible to travel anywhere with no fare. Therefore, I will show you legal means that you can use to achieve this.


You can choose to rent out your home. The requirement for this is to have your own house. After that, advertise it on the website at a fee, or you can do it personally though it will be time-consuming.

The duration of swapping will depend on the needs of the two parties. Tourists can choose to rent out your home instead of staying in hotels. Instead of staying around you can swap with him/her.

Volunteering on Charity Projects

Volunteering for development project overseas can earn you a free travel ticket. The organization will require that you have commitment and experience on the task.

Alternatively, a local community organization can raise funds and donation for charity. This might carter for travel expenses thus giving you an opportunity to explore alongside the project.

Get a Travel Scholarship

This favors the campus student due to improved internationalization globally. Students can be sponsored to travel abroad for their fieldwork and research. If you can be lucky to get this, then you can go to various destination worldwide.

Teaching English to Non-English Speakers

Through this, you can get an opportunity to fly to other places around the world. Some organizations are hunting English teachers to teach in non-English zones. This can be a great travel adventure as well as meeting new people.

Be a Tour Guide

This type of work can enable you to tour different destinations. You can guide tourists on longer trips to various places around the world. You will be required to provide guidance where necessary as you enjoy traveling for free.

Be a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants have an opportunity to travel to different destinations depending on the airline. Apart from their job description, they access such privileges for free. Despite they might not spend much time there due to travel timetable.

flight attendant

Join Turtle Teams

This group helps threatened sea turtles from being exploited. Sea turtles organizations provide travel opportunities across various beaches. Through this, you can travel and get paid for your services.

Through Travel Reward Credit Cards

You can redeem points on your credit card in exchange for free flights. By doing this, you will travel to the destination of your choice free. Therefore, don’t throw away your tickets it can be your lifetime opportunity.

Transport Vehicles

Relocation companies give opportunities to individuals who are willing to drive people’s cars as per the owner’s needs. The owner will fuel at his/her cost. This, therefore, is a free journey for you. It is a long and exciting journey you can secure for yourself

Join a Boat Crew

You can use your skills and volunteer for the boat crew. You will be able to tour places for free in exchange for your service.…