Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the papers be published? Could you share publisher details?
    The final presented papers will be published either electronically or in print media. We are working on the details and will share the same with the speakers whose papers are selected.

  2. Where can I submit my abstract/ paper/ proposal?
    You will need to register on the official GA website to create an account. The abstracts/ papers/ proposals can then be uploaded on the website into your account and we will collect it for review.

    Please do not email the papers. Email submissions will be considered rejected.

  3. Where can I register and pay for attending the General Assembly and Scientific Symposium?
    You will need to register in the official GA website first.

    Note that the portal for registration for GA as well as for submitting abstracts for papers is the same. Note that the portal for submitting proposals is different from portal for registration for GA.

  4. If I am registered and submitted a proposal on the online portal for proposal submission, can I make the payment in the same portal?
    The online payment for registration can be made only on the “registration and paper submission portal”

    The online payment for registration can not be made on the “submission of proposals portal”.

  5. Can you share some ideas for developing proposals for sending to “ST04- Culture-Nature Journey, exploring the complexities of human relationships with natural and cultural places”?
    Below are some ideas of themes to prompt thinking about your contributions. These build on themes suggested by ICOMOS and IUCN members last year. Further details/ queries on the topics may be sent to [email protected]
    1. Rights-based approaches, equity, and equitable and effective governance
    2. Cultural landscapes and biocultural landscapes
    3. Adaptation and resilience to climate change for natural and cultural values – learning from ecology, culture and history
    4. Local and traditional cultural and ecological knowledge
    5. Contemporary culture, arts and nature conservation
    6. Cultural and spiritual significance of nature in management and governance
    7. Role of local natural resources management systems and local dynamic cultural systems/heritage in the conservation of nature
    8. Nature-culture linkages in the urban and peri-urban contexts, including Historic Urban Landscapes
    9. The conservation of natural and cultural heritage as a focus of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted in 2016
    10. Ecosystem goods and services, inclusion of dynamic cultural processes – valuing broader socio/economic/health benefits for local and traditional communities
    11. World Heritage processes
    12. Capacity-building needs for Nature-Culture practice

    Please note that this list is neither comprehensive, nor organized in priority order. Kindly let us know if you see other important themes that should also be considered in proposing contributions to the Journey, or have comments on the above.

  6. Is it possible to submit two different studies with different partners? I would like to join this conference with my two colleagues but different studies.
    You may submit multiple papers with different partners and the review committee with take decision on selection. However, in the event that both your papers are selected and the paper presentation of two different themes (in which you will submit the papers) are organised simultaneously, you will have to drop one presentation. This will be communicated to you in advance.