General Assembly

The General Assembly shall be the sovereign body of ICOMOS. It shall constitute itself and elect its own Chairman, three vice-chairmen and a Rapporteur, whose mandates shall be for the duration of the session. It shall adopt its own rules of procedure.

It shall elect the President of ICOMOS, five Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General, t he Treasurer General and twelve members of the Board from among individual Members in good standing, selected to ensure that different specialisations are represented. It shall determine the site of ICOMOS headquarters, adopt amendments to the ICOMOS Statutes, establish ICOMOS programmes, approve the Secretary General’s and Treasurer General’s reports and the budgetary guidelines for the following period, and oversee the achievement of the aims of ICOMOS. It shall ratify changes in ICOMOS membership dues and shall confer Honorary Membership on the proposal of an ICOMOS National Committee.

The General Assembly is open to all members of ICOMOS. It shall be convened every three years in ordinary session on the date and at the place chosen by the Board or in extraordinary session at the request of the majority of the Members of the Board or of one third of the members of ICOMOS. The requisite quorum shall be one third of all voting members calculated in accordance with Article 6 (b). Should this quorum not be reached, the General Assembly shall, 24 hours later, meet again at the same place; its discussions shall then be valid, irrespective of the number of voting members present.