Heritage Futures lunch

The Heritage Futures research programme team invite ICOMOS GA 2017 delegates to participate in a game of future-making over lunch.

When? Thursday, December 14, 2017 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (IST)

Where? ICOMOS Scientific Symposium and General Assembly, Silver Oak Patio, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

How? To register please go to our Eventbrite page https://heritage-futures-lunch.eventbrite.com

Heritage is a form of future-making, as decisions and practices relating to heritage – be it objects, places, practices – transmit it into worlds-to-come, ensuring that its presence will have an influence on the composition of those future worlds. Over lunch, the Heritage Futures team invites guests to reflect on future-making while playing an imagination card game – The Thing From the Future – in which you will build future scenarios and imagine the things contained within them.

Over a networking lunch, you will be invited to play this simple and engaging game and observe it being played. You will be encouraged to reflect on how the game touches your own experience of heritage as a future-making practice, and will have an opportunity to meet and talk with fellow players.

The Thing From The Future is a game originally developed by situationlab.org and modified for this event by Heritage Futures.

This lunch and workshop activity is hosted by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded Heritage Futures research programme, on which the IUCN World Heritage Programme and ICOMOS are amongst more than 20 institutional partners (see www.heritage-futures.org for further information).

There are 100 places for the lunch event, available on a STRICTLY FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis via Eventbrite ticketing to registered participants in the ICOMOS GA and Scientific Symposium. Please arrive promptly where we will tick your name off our list at the door. In order to make sure that places are met, Heritage Futures will open the event to a standby list should capacity not be achieved by 13:15.

Heritage Futures will also be hosting ICOP 350 a video installation with Antony Lyons in IHC Chinar on Wednesday 13th December at 9am, and Knowledge Cafe 8 – ICOP 297 Culture Nature-Heritage Surgery: Building  Sustainable Heritage Futures in the Anthropocene in IHC Chinar on Wednesday 13th December at 2pm. We look forward to seeing you at ICOMOS GA 2017.

About Heritage Futures:

Heritage Futures is a 4-year research programme (2015-2019) funded by a UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Large Grant, based at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, University College London and supported additionally by its host universities and partner organisations. The project is carrying out ambitious interdisciplinary research to explore the potential for innovation and creative exchange across a broad range of heritage and related fields, in partnership with a number of academic and non-academic institutions and interest groups. The project is distinctive in its comparative approach which aims to bring heritage conservation practices of various forms into closer dialogue with the management of other material and virtual legacies such as nuclear waste management. It is also distinctive in its exploration of different forms of heritage as distinctive future-making practices.


For further information about the lunch, or any of our other events, please contact Professor Rodney Harrison [email protected] , Principal Investigator of the Heritage Futures Research Programme.