The World Most Popular Tourist Destinations

The World Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Tourism is said to be as old as man himself. Recently, United Nations World Tourism Organization ranks most visited destinations as follows in descending order: France, USA, Spain, China, Italy, UK, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, and Austria. The following are popular tourist attractions:


This is the most visited city around the globe holding 3rd place. It has remarkable museums like louvre. The art found here is makes it a paradise. Eiffel Tower on the other hand which is 1063ft high is the most visited. The first and the second floor is classy restaurants, and the top level is for sightseeing. Loire valley has castles which trace its history to the world wars.


Walt Disney World Resort

This is an entertainment place which covers approximately 25000acres. It has a yearly attendance of over 50million. It has parks, resorts, entertainment venues and golf courses.

El Escorial

It is the most visited monastery. It has a beautiful garden, hunting grounds, and dams. Apart from its cultural significance, Catholic monks live there to perform their religious functions

The Colosseum

It is situated in Rome, and it is known to be one of the largest amphitheaters that man has ever built. It was built for gladiatorial performances with an average capacity of up to 80,000 people. Nowadays, it has been renovated, and it is used as a shrine with quarters for the Christian clergy. However, it is still the icon for the ancient Rome.

Mt. Stromboli

It is situated within the Roman territory with an elevation of 3,031ft. Its volcanic nature popularly knows it with three craters at its peak. It is symbolized by a geological stream of a fire-like feature. Some few kilometers around it lies a volcanic plug.

The Bastei Bridge

It is situated over the Elbe River in Germany, and its rocky nature characterizes it. Tourists especially artists have been inspired by it. Studies have shown that baste rocks were formed through water erosion.

Zocalo in Mexico City

This is one of the biggest city squares in the world covering approximately 58000m2. It is known for being a political hub and an artistic venue. Numerous cultural events are being held which comprises of traditional dances.

Hong Kong

hong kongThis city is termed as the mother of all Chinese heritage. Bruce Lee exhibition is known for martial art heritage. It has a dome-shaped structure with a planetarium ceiling which is a cool place for watching documentaries.

It has the University Museum and Art Gallery which is popularly known for their traditional carvings and Chinese paintings. This city is termed as a food paradise. It offers a wide range of food like Lo Ma Ghai, braised pigeon, roast pork and Char Siu.

Elephants in Thailand

Thailand over the years has been known for elephants which give rides to tourists. Common species of elephant found is the Asian. Due to its extinction around the globe, visitors have observed this a worthy trip.


This is a historic complex situated in Austria, Vienna. Belvedere museum is located here. It has decorated fountains, well-designed sculptures, and iron gates. Visitors find pleasure taking photo sessions, and some movies have been acted in this place.

Egyptian Pyramids

Egypt is known for its pyramids. The largest are the ones situated in Giza. It is interesting to note that, it is the only remnant of the Seven Wonders of the World. Pyramids are a symbolic representation of Egyptian myth on death since they were built where the sun sets.