Culture Nature Journey

Guidelines for Submission for Abstracts for Papers (for Sub themes ST04)

“Heritage and Democracy”

On behalf of the 19th ICOMOS General Assembly Scientific Committee we invite the accepted Speaker Presentations and Poster Submissions to upload their final proposals and presentations/ posters for the Scientific Symposium.

The deadline for uploading final proposals and presentations/ posters is 30th October 2017 by 2400 hours IST.

Final proposals and presentations/ posters sent by mail or fax or courier will not be accepted.

To be included in the final scientific program, all selected paper presenters will need to have paid their registration fee to attend the General Assembly. For more information on registration see: click here

The Scientific Symposium is open to both ICOMOS and IUCN members and non-members and its theme is “Heritage and Democracy”. The Proposals/ Posters were invited for the following sub theme:

  • ST04:  Culture-Nature Journey, exploring the complexities of human relationships with natural and cultural places

For queries only (not for submission) please email [email protected]

ICOMOS and the IUCN, with a growing group of our members and partners, will build on the success of the collaboration “Connections”: The Nature/Culture Journey held at the IUCN World Congress in Hawaii in September 2016.

Once again we envision that through a mix of session formats from scholarly papers to knowledge cafes, workshops, kiosks and posters, participants will address the interconnected character of cultural and natural heritage. We think this is a vital issue, of growing importance to our work on conservation, globally and locally.  The “Culture/Nature Journey” will include diverse elements, but its success relies on members and partners of ICOMOS and IUCN for submitting final papers and presentations/ posters by the due date so they can be considered within the program of the Scientific Symposium in following formats:

  • Paper Presentations
  • Knowledge Cafe
  • Workshops
  • Case Study Kiosks
  • Posters

We propose to build on recent collaboration between ICOMOS and IUCN on the relationship between culture and nature. Our contribution will expand on the strengthening evidence that natural and cultural heritage are closely intertwined in most landscapes and that conservation of such places depends on better integration of philosophies, policies and procedures regarding their management. ICOMOS and IUCN face overlapping conservation challenges for places with complex biocultural systems and the two bodies bring substantial complementary knowledge, ideas, standards and capacities to this matter. Collaboration is vital to advancing good practice.

Thank you for working with us on this journey – and we look forward to hearing from you.

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