Ways to Travel to the World for Free

Ways to Travel to the World for Free

It is estimated that almost 60% of the world’s population likes traveling. It can be local or abroad depending on ones’ ability. History acknowledges Jim Lawrence who moved around the world for eight years free.

This implies it is possible to travel anywhere with no fare. Therefore, I will show you legal means that you can use to achieve this.


You can choose to rent out your home. The requirement for this is to have your own house. After that, advertise it on the website at a fee, or you can do it personally though it will be time-consuming.

The duration of swapping will depend on the needs of the two parties. Tourists can choose to rent out your home instead of staying in hotels. Instead of staying around you can swap with him/her.

Volunteering on Charity Projects

Volunteering for development project overseas can earn you a free travel ticket. The organization will require that you have commitment and experience on the task.

Alternatively, a local community organization can raise funds and donation for charity. This might carter for travel expenses thus giving you an opportunity to explore alongside the project.

Get a Travel Scholarship

This favors the campus student due to improved internationalization globally. Students can be sponsored to travel abroad for their fieldwork and research. If you can be lucky to get this, then you can go to various destination worldwide.

Teaching English to Non-English Speakers

Through this, you can get an opportunity to fly to other places around the world. Some organizations are hunting English teachers to teach in non-English zones. This can be a great travel adventure as well as meeting new people.

Be a Tour Guide

This type of work can enable you to tour different destinations. You can guide tourists on longer trips to various places around the world. You will be required to provide guidance where necessary as you enjoy traveling for free.

Be a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants have an opportunity to travel to different destinations depending on the airline. Apart from their job description, they access such privileges for free. Despite they might not spend much time there due to travel timetable.

flight attendant

Join Turtle Teams

This group helps threatened sea turtles from being exploited. Sea turtles organizations provide travel opportunities across various beaches. Through this, you can travel and get paid for your services.

Through Travel Reward Credit Cards

You can redeem points on your credit card in exchange for free flights. By doing this, you will travel to the destination of your choice free. Therefore, don’t throw away your tickets it can be your lifetime opportunity.

Transport Vehicles

Relocation companies give opportunities to individuals who are willing to drive people’s cars as per the owner’s needs. The owner will fuel at his/her cost. This, therefore, is a free journey for you. It is a long and exciting journey you can secure for yourself

Join a Boat Crew

You can use your skills and volunteer for the boat crew. You will be able to tour places for free in exchange for your service.